True SEO Hero is Beating Up The Competition

5 Steps to Take for Beating Your SEO Competition Opponents

Any website owner would want their project to go higher in any search engine. As for now, using SEO is the best working approach to improving and site’s trustworthiness and popularity. But you don’t need to concentrate only on your project, as there are so many opponents in this SEO competition. You have to pay attention to their statistics, things they do to keep their position, etc. This is an important part of the improvement of your project and analysis skills.

By SEO competition both the overall rank race and any particular event can be meant. For instance, SEO Hero (the latest competition by Wix) makes its participants aim at getting their new websites higher in the ranking than the same new website by the organizers. This is quite a difficult task, minding the level of professionalism the organizers have. But the prize is worth taking multiple steps towards success: $50,000 is a good start for the new website the main hero in SEO (the winner) will create!

A Path to Go Along to Win an SEO Competition

  1. Pay attention to the content quality.
    Create an interesting and creative content base for your website, but don’t forget to update it every now and then with fresh materials. This will make your website an interesting target for both the visitors who may go there accidentally, and for search engines who usually determine your success.
  2. Plan the target keywords.
    Make sure you invest some time and effort into planning the keywords you will target your content at. Even if you’ve achieved the first page in the search results, it doesn’t mean you will be there forever. The relevant keywords are changing rapidly, so you may want to use additional services like Google AdWords to plan.
  3. Be the first to know the news.
    Find yourself a relevant source or a specialist who will update you with all the upcoming news from the SEO competition world. The new strategies, new techniques that may help you go higher in the rank – all this is useful for you to know and be the first to use.
  4. Monitor your opponent’s strategies.
    Surely, you have to pay attention to your own strategies and backlink profile not to get penalized. But keep an eye on what your SEO competition opponents are doing, too. They may have found a winning combination you still don’t know about.
  5. Look for your opponent’s activities on the websites.
    You should also pay attention to what your opponents are doing with their websites and how it is reflecting on their position. You can spot mistakes you shouldn’t repeat, or take advantage of some of their SEO ideas you didn’t think about yet.


Being the leader in the never-ending SEO race is all about strategies and monitoring. Pay attention to what’s happening on your websites and beware of penalties. Also look at your opponent’s websites every now and then to spot good or bad examples of using SEO. Also don’t forget to plan your keyword usage beforehand and use it in a reliable high-quality content.

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