Pros and Cons of Using PBN in 2016

PBN used to be the best way of promoting sites to earn money for their traffic, but after the hunt for these networks in 2014 the question of reliability of this method became very important. However, as PBN is a good working system being used by many SEO heroes, so it’s still alive and well. By building it powerful and original, knowing a couple of tricks, you still can get a good money website. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages you should consider if you want to buy and use expired domain as PBN domain and build a system.

PBN Pros and Cons for2016

The pros of using private blog networks are:

  • Everything is under your control. You’re the owner of the net, so it’s you who decide which anchors to create, which links to post, how to format articles, etc. You can test anything that pops up in your head andsee if it works. There’s no link building system that would give you such freedom. Evenin case of manual penalty, you can delete the links immediately and get your reputation back, restoring those links little by little.
  • You’ve got a trust transfer.You’re in command of a considerably old website, trusted by many users, which givesyou an ultimate authority and multiple options for promotion. It’s difficult to gain visitors,their interest and trust for new websites, so if you buy a good domain, then half way isdone. No outreach needed. If you totally trust the profitability of your PBN, you won’t have to spend time on building relationships and reaching out over the Internet to get client base. If you promotea serious business, time is essential, so such a save will be important.

The cons of using PBN are the following:

  • Finances. For a good system you have to buy expired domains with backlinks that are trustworthy. You can get such domains at auctions, but this will cost you at least $50, and up to $400and higher. Then you have to get a private WHOIS, buy a hosting and pay people forhigh quality articles. Add everything up and you’ll see that creating a PBN may become pretty expensive.
  • Time spent on building. Aside from financial investment needed, there’s also the problem of time investment. Inorder to build a strong PBN you have to spend time searching for quality domains.  According to statistics, minimum 80% of the domains found are unqualified, which means hacked, with low trust flow or domain authority. Searchinga good hosting also takes time, so make sure you have a lot. Else, you can order contact professional PBNsetup by semjar.
  • High risk. Particularly, the risk of having your websites deindexed orgetting a manual penalty. In such a case, all your money and time invested will be wasted.However, the risk was always there, a bit bigger now then earlier. It’s a debatable con, as it’s permanent andpeople still manage to avoid being caught. There are different tricks known to the people, who work in thisniche for a long time. Whatever happens, there are always ways to avoid deindexation and manual penalties, find reasonable domain prices and saving time.
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